About us

The story behind Bone & Bites – Lets go sustainable

Bone & Bites design and produce sustainable and creative high-end pet toys made of leftover materials in an innovative way. Danish design, craftsmanship and sustainability drives the vision behind Bone & Bites. 

The idea behind Bone & Bites is founded during all the playfull time with dogs by the sea or in the forrest where nature provides us with wonderful natural toys. Everything from a stick to a pine cone can create a great playtime with your dog

Bone & Bites wish to bring the inspiration from the nature to your home by designing natural and sustainable toys. All products are produced at socially responsible places in small orders at a time to keep the eco-friendly environment.

All the collections are made of carefully selected leftover materials, that would be wasted if not used for pet toys by Bone & Bites. Each piece is unique and limited. Natural marks and variations in colour may occur. Handcrafted with care and love.